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Ductile Iron Bends:

Derwent Industries manufacture and distribute Ductile Iron Bends in sizes from 80mm - 750mm (Depending on item selected). Bends are manufactured in standard 11 1/4, 22.5, 45 and 90 degree, though Derwent can manufacture other required angles also across the range. 

Material:                         Ductile Iron

Size Range:                     DN 80 - DN 1000 
(depending on item selected)

Configuration:                Socket, Flange/Socket,
                                                Flanged, Spigot, Flange/Spigot,

                                                Washout, Hydrant and Duckfoot

Coating:                           Rilsan/Nylon 11, Plascoat, FBE

Standards:                      AS/NZS 2280

Certification:                  Product License No. SMK1989

Angular Deflection:    

Derwent DI Fitting sockets, Series 1 and Series 2.

  • DN100 - 250, allowance of 3.5 deg angular deflection,

  • DN300 - 600, 2.5 degrees,

  • DN750, 1 degree.

Drawings & Technical Data:

Flanged Dimensions.jpg
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