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Derwent News

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Derwent is proud to announce that AVFI will be joining the Derwent Group.

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Derwent is excited to announce the acquisition of Mackay Consolidated - Mackay Rubber.

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Derwent is excited to announce the investment in its growth via the Australian Business Growth Fund (ABGF).

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Derwent Couplings® & Derwent Clamps manufactured in Wodonga proudly display the Australian Made logo. 

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Derwent Foundry turns 180 years in 2020.

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Derwent Acquires Keech Bendigo expanding its Australian Manufacturing... 

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Derwent Couplings® were recently added into the Derwent range with a new robotics manufacturing facility being established in North East Victoria.

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Derwent Clamps® were recently added  into the Derwent range with a new robotics manufacturing facility being established in North East Victoria.

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Gary Aitchison - NZ General Manager

Current Executive Board Member and long standing Allied Supporter of the PWWA (Pacific Water & Wastewater Association).

Received “Water Professional The Year 2019” award at Pacific Water & Wastewater Association 2019 Conference in Vanuatu.

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Derwent Industries awarded tender for supply to Barwon Water, Central Highlands Water, City West Water, Wannon Water & Western Water




Derwent Industries 600mm RSGV used on Branyan Clear Water and PAC reservoir. Project by Pensar, product supplied by Samios Civil.





Vuksich & Borich Ltd Fiji installing the BlackRock Reservoir DN450/DN375  Cross Connection Realignment Nadi, Fiji



Derwent News - AVFI Acquisition

AVFI_Logo_286U Pantone Uncoated High 300 resolution.png

We are proud to announce that AVFI will be joining the Derwent Industries Group. The AVFI business will continue to trade as AVFI adding another level of product capabilities for the support of all our clients.


Since 1995, AVFI has manufactured and imported products that meet Australian Standards, Watermark, WSSA Standards or where none exist British Standards or ISO Standards. AVFI’s professional team, provides superior services and cost-effective valve solutions for their clients.


AVFI’s manufacturing and warehouse facilities will continue to provide our clients with product solutions. With a dedicated Engineering and support team AVFI offers the following exceptional value-added services:

  • Modifications to existing products to suit client’s specification.

  • Transform valves to suit many applications.

  • Product refinement (add or change product parts to suit an application).

  • As one of the largest stockists of electric and pneumatic actuators, AVFI’s trained team builds actuated valves to client’s requirements.


This announcement comes just months after we expanded our manufacturing capabilities with the acquisition of Mackay Rubber, a move that has expanded our ability to provide additional Australian-made products to critical sectors, such as Mining, Defence, Rail and Automotive.

 For further information on AVFI, please visit their website:

AVFI Balcony.jpg

Derwent News - Acquisition of Mackay Rubber

Mackay logo 2020 RGB.png

Derwent is proud to announce its recent acquisition of Mackay Consolidated Industries Pty Ltd - Mackay Rubber.

The business will form part of the Derwent Industries Group, trading as Mackay Australia Pty Ltd – Mackay Rubber.


Mackay commenced operations in 1932 as a small but efficient supplier of OEM automotive parts, since this time Mackay has grown to become one of Australia’s largest and most trusted designer, manufacturer, and distributor of a diverse range of engineered rubber and rubber composite products. The Mackay products service:


  • Automotive

  • Defence

  • Transport

  • Rail

  • Marine

  • Mining

  • Construction and Industrial markets globally.


The Mackay acquisition further demonstrates Derwent’s commitment to supporting and growing manufacturing in Australia. Recent world events with Covid 19 and issues with supply, highlight the importance of building and protecting manufacturing capabilities in Australia, something that Derwent is committed to.


For further information on Mackay Australia please visit the Mackay web site:

Mackay team photo March 2023.jpg

Derwent News - ABGF invests in Derwent Growth

ABGF Logo.jfif

Derwent is excited to announce the investment in its growth via the Australian Business Growth Fund (ABGF). ABGF has joined Derwent as a minority shareholder, investing $15 million into the Derwent Group.

The investment will support:

  • Further advancements in market-leading robotics, automated equipment and increased sustainability measures. For example: the company’s Wodonga site, which is currently a highly automated facility, is set to become a state-of-the-art facility for stainless steel clamps and couplings.

  • The expansion of the manufacturing sites in Hobart and Bendigo.

  • Further opportunities for regional jobs across the Hobart, Wodonga and Bendigo manufacturing facilities - an estimated 18 per cent increase in jobs across these sites over the next three years.

About ABGF

ABGF was founded with an initial capital of $540 million as a public-private partnership between the Federal Government and six leading banks. The Fund operates commercially and makes investment decisions independently of its shareholders.

ABGF was set up to act as a catalyst for growth in the Australian SME sector by connecting founders and entrepreneurs to the capital, expertise, and wider networks they need to succeed.


The Fund bridges the gap between late-stage venture capital and private equity. It provides minority-only, patient growth capital that allows owners and founders to retain control of what they've built while leveraging the Fund's capital and expertise in achieving their growth aspirations.


ABGF provides a proven investment model that has generated hundreds of successful growth outcomes for businesses in the UK and Canada.

For further information on this investment announcement go to: Derwent Industries- ABGF

Derwent News - Keech Foundry Bendigo Acquisition

Keech Acquisitio

Derwent Industries is proud to announce the expansion of its manufacturing base here in Australia with its recent acquisition of Keech Foundry in Bendigo, Victoria. The addition of the Bendigo site highlights Derwent’s commitment to Australian manufacturing and its belief in the need for supply chain security as we move forward. The Bendigo facility adds to Derwent’s existing Australian footprint with our current foundry in Hobart and Stainless-Steel facility for Clamps and Couplings in Wodonga.


About Keech (Derwent Foundry – Bendigo):

The Bendigo facility will continue to be headed up by Quinn Petrie and Mark McNamara with an extremely dedicated team of people supporting them. The business has been designing and manufacturing high integrity steel and other material grade castings for over 80 years supplying the products to both local and export clients. They supply some of the world’s largest mining and industrial companies with unique patented products, designed and developed at the Bendigo facilities.

The company is internationally accredited with certification to ISO9001, ISO14001 and AS4801 and is renowned for innovation and quality in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a diverse range of high-integrity castings for mining, construction, rail transport, industrial and defence.


The Keech name will be maintained as trademarks within the Derwent business with the plant coming under the Derwent Banner as Derwent Foundry – Bendigo.

Keech_logo_297x111 copy.jpg
Australian made

Derwent News - Australian Made

Aust Made.jpg

Derwent Industries is proud to be an Australian Manufacturer with manufacturing facilities in Hobart - Tasmania and Wodonga - North East Victoria.

Derwent Couplings® & Derwent Clamps manufactured in Wodonga proudly display the Australian Made logo. 

The production at the foundry in Tasmania, likewise is Australian Made, with products in our line such as the DI Fittings, Uniclamps (Flanged Di Offtakes) and Puddle Flanges being just a few products produced at the Hobart facility.

180 Year

Derwent News - Derwent Foundry Turns 180

180 Years.png

Derwent Foundry was originally established in Hobart in 1840, though in the mid 1900’s the name was changed to Montpellier Foundry. Montpellier was then purchased in the mid 1980’s by Rex Garner and was re-established as Derwent Foundry®.


The Tasmanian Foundry was purchased by the Evans family in 1997 and since then has been upgraded and modernised on a continuing basis.

Derwent Foundry is now a registered entity of Derwent Industries Pty Ltd.

Derwent News - Clamps & Couplings

Clamp News
Aust Made.jpg

Derwent Clamps® and Derwent Couplings® were recently added into the Derwent range with a new state of the art robotics manufacturing facility being established in North East Victoria.

The Stainless Steel Clamps (Kawandah®TM - Cocky Clamp) were developed for the Australian and export markets  by the Evans Group of companies in 1981, in Wangaratta Victoria. The iconic logo of the cockatoo (Current trademark) is the logo we are still proud to use today to represent the range. The stainless steel couplings were originally developed in the 1990’s by the Evans Group, which was an iconic change to how the market saw the traditional coupling. A world leading Australian innovation, that revolutionized coupling design and manufacture and one that has stood the test of time.


Derwent Industries new facility in North East Victoria, will integrate multiple elements to form complete custom-automated production cells in line with Industry 4.0 concepts, maximising automation and data exchange in the manufacturing process. This signals a major advancement over its previous technology advancements and manufacturing capability and will enable the company to not only look to replacing the imported products currently supplying the Australian Industry but to move towards the establishment of a major export capability.


Derwent News - Branyan Clear Water and PAC Reservoir
Construction by Pensar - Fittings and Valves supplied by Samios Civil

Branlan airial.jpeg

About the project:

Pensar was contracted for the design and construction of a new Clear Water Storage and Powdered Activated Carbon Tank system. The fittings and Valves were supplied by Samios Civil Eagle Farm using Derwent Industries 600mm Valves.

Key Capabilities: Reservoir construction & refurbishment works, Concrete tank construction

Project Location: Bundaberg, Queensland

Client Name:         Bundaberg Regional Council

Project Duration: February 2020 – July 2020

Project Value:        $3.27m

To read more about this project:


Fittings and Valves supplied by Derwent Industries NZ


About the project:

Australian  Department of Defence in conjunction with Fijian government upgrade of the Blackrock police and peacekeeper training camp at Blackrock Nadi Fiji.

Sub-Contractor Vuksich & Borich Ltd Fiji installing the BlackRock Reservoir DN450/DN375  Cross Connection Realignment Nadi, Fiji

Project Location: Nadi, Fiji

Client Name:         Australian  Department of Defence and Fijian Government





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