Derwent Industries has a wide range of accessories available for the Water, Waste Water and Irrigation market, some of which are shown below.

  • Base Plates

  • Brass Ware: TPFNR, Ferrules and Bend

  • Extension Spindles

  • Gun Metal Tapping Bands

  • Insertion / Gasket Sets

  • Gaskets

  • Recycled and Cast Covers

  • Rubbers to Suit DI Fittings: Series 2 and Series 1

Base Plates, Recycled and Cast Covers

Derwent can provide the various cast and recycled covers for use in the civil infrastructure market.

This range includes:

  • Recycled Covers

    • Hydrant and Stop Valve (SV)

    • All Colours available

      • White, Grey, Yellow (Cheese cake) etc

  • Cast Covers & Base Plates

    • Hydrant and Stop Valve

  • Others available

Product Codes

Brass Ware and Tapping Bands

This range includes, though is not limited to:

  • Brass Ware

    • Bends

    • Ferrules

    • TPFNR

  • Tapping Bands

    • Coated

    • Type F

    • Type R

    • Maintenance

Product Codes

Extension Spindles

Sizes Available

  • VKEYEXT150   Spindle Extension 150mm

  • VKEYEXT225   Spindle Extension 225mm

  • VKEYEXT300   Spindle Extension 300mm

  • VKEYEXT375   Spindle Extension 375mm

  • VKEYEXT450   Spindle Extension 450mm

  • VKEYEXT600   Spindle Extension 600mm

Insertion/Gasket Kits and Di Fitting Rubbers

Product Codes

Derwent has available an extensive range of Insertion / Gasket kits and gaskets to suit the various requirements of the industry when installing DI Fittings. This range includes:

  • Series 2 Gaskets         DN 80 - DN 750

  • Lip Seal Gaskets         DN 100 - DN 150

  • Transition Series1      DN 80 - DN 450

Insertion / Gasket Kits

Please see the attached product Codes for the range available. Kits are available with either Gal Bolts or 316 Stainless Steel with molybond coated nuts to prevent galling.


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