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Derwent Industries has a wide range of accessories available for the Water, Waste Water and Irrigation market, some of which are shown below.

tapping bands.png
Base Plate Set Up.jpg
Rubber Ring Series 2.jpg
  • Base Plates

  • Brass Ware: TPFNR, Ferrules and Bend

  • Extension Spindles

  • Valve Anchor Legs and Straps

  • Gun Metal Tapping Bands

  • Insertion / Gasket Sets

  • Gaskets

  • Recycled and Cast Covers

  • Rubbers to Suit DI Fittings: Series 2 and Series 1

Base Plates, Recycled and Cast Covers

yellow hydarnt cover.png
Lamp Hole Covers.png
Lilac Hydrant Cover.png
HD Asphalt Hydrant Cover.jpg

Derwent can provide the various cast and recycled covers for use in the civil infrastructure market.

This range includes:

  • Recycled Covers

    • Hydrant and Stop Valve (SV)

    • All Colours available

      • White, Grey, Yellow (Cheese cake) etc

  • Cast Covers & Base Plates

    • Hydrant and Stop Valve

  • Others available

Base Plate Set Up.jpg

Product Codes

Brass Ware and Tapping Bands

Ferrule Bends.png
Ferrule Bends 2.png

This range includes, though is not limited to:

  • Brass Ware

    • Bends

    • Ferrules

    • TPFNR

  • Tapping Bands

    • Coated

    • Type F

    • Type R

    • Maintenance

tapping bands.png

Product Codes

Extension Spindles

Spindle Ext.jpg

Sizes Available 150 - 2000 (150-600 Coated 750 + Gal)

  • VKEYEXT150   Spindle Extension 150mm

  • VKEYEXT225   Spindle Extension 225mm

  • VKEYEXT300   Spindle Extension 300mm

  • VKEYEXT375   Spindle Extension 375mm

  • VKEYEXT450   Spindle Extension 450mm

  • VKEYEXT600   Spindle Extension 600mm

Insertion/Gasket Kits and Di Fitting Rubbers

Rubber Ring Series 2.jpg
Gasket Set.jpg

Gasket Set Codes

Derwent has available an extensive range of Insertion / Gasket kits and gaskets to suit the various requirements of the industry when installing DI Fittings. This range includes:

  • Series 2 Gaskets         DN 80 - DN 750

  • Lip Seal Gaskets         DN 100 - DN 150

  • Transition Series1      DN 80 - DN 450

Insertion / Gasket Kits

Please see the attached product Codes for the range available. Kits are available with either Gal Bolts or 316 Stainless Steel with molybond coated nuts to prevent galling.


Valve Legs and Straps

socket-angle leg(1).JPG
Retainer Straps.jpg

Derwent has available an extensive range of DI Valve legs for anchoring  valves and also Valve Restraint Straps. This range includes:

  • VANCHOR - Anchor Legs for Sluice Valves (pair)

  • VRS100 - 100NB Valve Restraint Strap 316SS

  • VRS150 - 150NB Valve Restraint Strap 316SS

  • VRS200 - 200NB Valve Restraint Strap 316SS

  • VRS250 - 225/250NB Valve Restraint Strap 316SS

  • VRS300 - 300NB Valve Restraint Strap 316SS

  • VRS375 - 375NB Valve Restraint Strap 316SS


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