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Derwent Industries incorporates Derwent Foundry®, Derwent Pipelines®, Derwent Clamps® and Derwent Couplings®.


The Foundry is situated in Derwent Park, Hobart, Tasmania and has both ISO 9001 accreditation and full Standards Mark across its broad range of water fittings. Derwent Foundry® Tasmania was established in 1840 and has undergone numerous changes and restructuring to allow supply of competitive castings throughout Australia and overseas to various industry segments. The Foundry in Hobart manufactures ductile iron water fittings DN 80 – 1000.


Derwent Clamps® and Derwent Couplings® were recently added back into the Derwent range with the manufacturing facility being located in North East Victoria. The Stainless Steel Clamps (Kawandah®TM - Cocky Clamp) were originally released by the Evans Group of companies in 1981, while the stainless steel couplings were originally developed in the 1990’s. We are pleased to announce the reforming of the team and we look forward to continuing the advancement of these and other products in the range. All products produced at the Wodonga plant carry the Australian Made logo.


Derwent Industries is a 100% Australian owned and operated business by the Evans Group of companies, and prides itself on providing its customers with products, service and solutions to meet their expectations. Derwent has offices located in Hobart, Melbourne, Sydney, Wodonga and recently added Auckland, to help us service our customer base efficiently. Doug Evans Managing Director, sits on the Australian and New Zealand Standards Committee for WS16 and WS 22 (As representative of the Australian Industry Group (AIG))


Mission Statement

To provide our customers with the highest quality product and professional service at all times whilst maintaining wherever possible Australian and New Zealand Made in our product offering.

Products Include:

•           Ductile Iron, Steel and PVC Pipe and Fittings

•           Stainless Steel Repair, Tapped and Flanged Clamps

•           Variable Couplings and Gibaults

•           Valves and Hydrants

•           Tapping Saddles and Stainless Steel Couplings

•           Recycled plastic and DI covers and surrounds

•           Insertion Kits and Extension Spindles

•           Irrigation Fittings

•           Water & Waste Water Products

•           Fire Products

•           Foundry Products

•           Manufacture of competitive production castings for industry

Derwent Foundry (Est 1840)

The foundry has undergone changes and restructuring to allow supplies of competitive production castings throughout Australia and overseas. 

  • Jobbing castings, (specials, 1 off to 10 off) are a foundry speciality.

  • Green Sand moulding.

  • Hard Sand moulding

  • Shell core and moulding facility for high production castings is available.

  • Induction furnaces 

Materials manufactured include the following; 

  • Cast Iron – all grades to AS1830/1

  • Ductile Iron grades 500/7 and 400/12

  • Ni-resist irons for corrosion, heat, and wear resistance

On site metallurgical control is carried out on each metal batch for ferrous metals.


Patternmaking facilities are available on site, with full CNC capability.


Derwent is a quality assured company to ISO 9001:2000, licence No.2004


For further detailed analysis of our capability, we welcome your enquiries.

Other Directly Related Derwent Industries operations include:

  • Desal Systems - Desalination, Wastewater & Water Reuse

  • Winovate - Electronic Design, Cable & Looming