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Ductile Iron Fittings

Derwent Industries has a wide range of ductile iron fittings available, all of which are supplied with either Rilsan/Nylon 11 or FBE coating. Rilsan and FBE make it unnecessary to wrap the fittings (unless otherwise directed by asset owner) and less susceptible to corrosion.


Available in sizes from 80 - 1000mm

Material:                        Ductile Iron

Size Range:                    DN 80 - DN 1000
                                         (depending on item selected)

Pressure Rating:          PN16, PN16 Lightweight,PN20, PN35

Coating:                          Rilsan/Nylon 11, Plascoat, FBE

Standards:                      AS/NZS 2280:2014 (Where applicable)

Product License No.:   SMK1989, SMK1989A, SMK1989J, SMK1989M

ISO9001:2008 Lic.No:    QEC2004

Angular Deflection:      

Derwent DI Fitting sockets, Series 1 and Series 2.

  • DN100 - 250 allowance of 3.5 deg angular deflection,

  • DN300 - 600, 2.5 degrees,

  • DN750, 1 degree.

Range Includes:

The following list identifies only part of the range of fittings available and fittings listed are available in various configurations. All fittings are manufactured to Derwent Industries tolerances as per our standards certification.

Derwent Industries Hobart facility has the ability to make specials including various angles and end connection configurations. Please contact us for additional information on our capabilities.

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