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Derwent 316 S/S Repair, Tapped and Sewer OB's

Derwent Clamps, Tapped Clamps and Sewer OB's were recently added into the Derwent range with a new robotics manufacturing facility being established in North East Victoria. The Derwent Clamps and Couplings are fully approved for use on Gas pipes by AGIG.

The Stainless Steel Clamps (Kawandah®TM - Cocky Clamp) were developed for the Australian and export markets by the Evans Group of companies in 1981, in Wangaratta Victoria. The iconic logo of the cockatoo (Current trademark) is the logo we are proud to use today to represent the range.

Derwent Industries manufacture and distribute under the Derwent brand the range of 316 Stainless Steel Clamps.


Products Include: 


Derwent Clamps, Tapped Clamps and Couplings are approved for Water usage by WSAA and Gas by AGIG

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