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Resilient Seated Valves

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Derwent Resilient Seated Gate Valves, are manufactured to AS/NZS 2638.2. The Gate Valves are light weight and applicable for water and waste water applications. Valves are available in both Anticlockwise and Clockwise configuration. Valves are supplied with Key Cap as standard, Hand Wheel is optional. Valve legs are also available on request.

  • Size Range:                      

    • Flange/Flange              DN  80 - 750
                                             (DN50 and 65 also available not to AS/NZS2638.2)

    • Spig/Spig                      DN100 - 300

    • Flange/Soc                    DN100 - 150

    • Soc/Soc                         DN100 - 375

  • ISO Mount Size Range:                      

    • Flange/Flange              DN   100 - 750
                                             DN   450 - 750 Come standard with ISO Mount

    • Also available in alternate end connection by request

  • Direction:                          Both ACC and CC available

  • Drilling:                              Table D Standard DN 80 - 600
                                                 Table E also available
                                                 Others by Request and Special Order

  • Allowable Operating Pressure:  1600 kPa; 1.6 Mpa

  • Maximum Test Pressure:             2400 kPa, 2.4 Mpa

  • Certification:                                   SAI Global

  • WaterMark Lic. No.                       25890

  • StandardsMark Lic. No.               25890

  • WSAA Appraisal No.                      PA1511

Features & Configurations:

  • Material:  Ductile Iron Body and Bonnet to AS 1831

  • Wedge:   Ductile Iron AS 1831, fully encapsulated (Vulcanized) EPDM Rubber to AS1646 and AS681.1. The wedge is designed with abrasion resistant nylon guides which reduce the required opening and closing torque through smooth operation.

  • Stem:   431 Stainless Steel to ASTM A276, providing excellent corrosion and strength, reducing moving parts.

  • Bolts:   316 Stainless Steel to ASTM A276, hot melt encapsulated for superior corrosion resistance in harsh environments.

  • Coating:  Fusion Bonded Epoxy coated to AS/NZS 4158 provides the valve excellent corrosion protection.


The Derwent Gate Valves are for use in Potable Water, Waste Water, Fire, Irrigation, Water Circulation and Heating and Cooling applications and are suitable for both above and below ground installation.

ISO Mount Torque Information

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