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SWAB - Spring Hydrants


Derwent SWAB Hydrants are manufactured to AS 3952-2002 and are available for both water and re-use water applications.  


Sizes:                                      DN100.

StandardsMark License:  SMK40418.

Approvals:                            QUU and Unity Water


  • Ductile Iron Body and top to AS 1831

  • Compression Spring 316 S/S

  • Bolts, Nuts and Washers - 316 S/S

  • Fusion coated for corrosion protection

  • Brass Dome to AS 1568

  • Anti-Gall Coated 316S/S Nuts and Bolts


SWAB Spring Hydrants are used where swabbing of the line is required. The top of the Spring Hydrant and internals can be removed to allow for the SWAB to pass through the hydrant.

SWAB Internal.jpg
SWAB Base.jpg


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