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Ductile Iron - PE Puddle / Weep Flanges:
Derwent Industries PE Puddle flanges are 100% Australian made. The Puddle flanges where tested in accordance with City West Water testing requirements and are approved for use.


Features & Configurations:

Material:           Ductile Iron

(Bolts, Nuts and washers are not supplied M16 x 75 recommended.)

Coating:             PPG 699-87141Autoprime Dipping Black



  • 125 Puddle tested to1800 PSI, no movement

  • 180 Puddle tested to1450 PSI, no movement

Sizes:                   DN 125 and DN 180



The Derwent Industries PE Puddle Flanges are used as a restraint point on PE pipelines and can be affixed at desired points or at a change of direction.


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