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Ductile Iron - PreTap Connectors:
The Derwent Industries PreTap Connectors are manufactured for use in new service connections. The Pretap are available in both Dual tap and Quad tap as well as for larger connections where up to and including a 2” connection is required. Images displayed show a Dual tap with ½” (20mm) service connections.


Pre-Tap Specifications:

  • Size Range:                        DN100 – DN300

  • Connections:                    Dual and Quad

  • Tappings:                           ½” to 2” BSP  (20-50mm)

  • Coating:                             Rilsan /Nylon 11 or FBE

  • Material:                           Ductile Iron

  • Standard:                          AS/NZS 2280:2014

  • Product License No:       SMK1989, SMK1989A,

        (where applicable)           SMK1989J SMK1989M.

  • ISO9001:2008 Lic. No:     QEC2004

  • Pressure Rating:              PN16


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