Ductile Iron - PE Flanged Offtake (UniClamp):
Derwent Industries PE Flanged Offtakes are 100% Australian made. Tested in accordance with AS/NZS 4129.

Features & Configurations:

Material:           Ductile Iron

Coating:             Rilsan/Nylon 11, Plascoat, FBE

Sizes:                   DN 125 and DN 180
Offtakes:             DN 80 and DN 100


  • 125 x 100 = 125F100PE

  • 125 x 80 =    125F080PE

  • 180 x 100 = 180F100PE

  • 180 x 80 =   180F080PE

Standards:        AS/NZS 4129

Certification:   Product License No. SMK26385

                            WaterMark License No. WMK26385

                            WSAA Appraisal PA1828


The Derwent Industries Ductile Iron Flanged Offtakes are used for under pressure tapping on  PE pipelines and can be affixed at desired points where tapping is required. The couplings have been designed in conjunction with pipeline tappers for ease of installation. The use of bracing lugs running between the bolt holes, allows the tapper to hold the two halves of the coupling together whilst inserting bolts and tensioning.


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