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NSCV - Non Slam Check Valve


Non Slam Check Valve is used as protection against reverse flow when power failure in areas where noise pollution or water hammering is a critical issue. It can provide not only quiet performance but also low head loss.


  • High strength ductile iron body used for durability and less weight.

  •  Advanced dynamic design of single body with diffuser provides streamline flow and assures lower head loss.

  • One of the lowest head loss check valve, big save in pumping power cost, valve disc with shorter stroker and spring reverse faster than most of check valve.

  • Coated with powder epoxy both inside & outside for corrosion resistance.

  • Bronze bushing reduce wearing problem during operation.

  • Hydrodynamic design with spring ensures non slamming and water hammerless.

  • Stainless steel spring hidden in the diffuser under protection while valve in operation.

  • Disc will positively close before reverse flow, and maximize the closing speed up to 0.2 Sec.

  •  Installation can be vertical/horizontal/inclined. For size DN800 and up preferred vertical installation.

  • Comply with EN 558-1, ISO 5752,EN 1092-2, ISO 7005-2 and AS 4087 flange dimension.


Mainly used for clean water, precleaned sewage water, Fire-fighting, Irrigation, Cooling and HVAC System.

Technical Information:

Size range:

  • DN50-1200mm

Pressure Ratings: 

  • 1.0Mpa; 1.6Mpa; 2.5Mpa.

Working Temperature:  

  • -100C-800C

End Connection:  

  • PN10, PN16, PN25.

Certification:    SAI Global  

Download PDF
NSCV - Non Slam Check Valve.PDF


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