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Technical Information
 Derwent Industries - Technical Information

Derwent Industries Pty. Ltd. incorporates Derwent Foundry and Derwent Pipelines and is ISO 9001:2000 certified, licence No.2004, and manufactures its water fittings to AS/NZS 2280:2004 - Ductile Iron pipes and fittings, License Number: SMK1989.

On site metallurgical control is carried out on each metal batch using a Belec 3000s Lab Spectrometer.

Derwent through recent upgrades now has the ability to Heat Treat castings Upto 1250 Deg C, providing capaibilities to normalise, stress relieve, anneal, water quench and temper castings.

The addition of a Rilsan Coating line and CNC machining centres enables Derwent to be reactive to the various needs of our customers.

Technical Charts:

The attached charts have been provided to assist our clients with various conversions and sizing and are provided as a guide only.

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