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Products : Water Products


Derwent Industries:  Water, Waste Water & Irrigation Products

Derwent Industries distributes an extensive range of water & waste water products, including a complete range of Rilsan/Nylon 11 coated DI fittings manufactured by Derwent Foundry.


Products Include:


    • SIZES:                           80mm to 750mm Nominal Bore

    • BENDS:                          All angles and Configurations

    • TEES:                            Soc, Flange and Spigot Configurations

    • RISERS:                         Hydrant Risers

    • TAPERS:                        Eccentric and Concentric 80 - 750mm

    • CROSSES:                      All angles and configurations

    • WYE Junctions:              All angles and configurations

  • CLAMPS:                        Repair, Tappings and Flanged Offtakes

  • HYDRANTS                     Spring Hydrants

  • VALVES                        Gate / Sluice Valves

  • BRASSWARE:                  Valves, Saddles, Taps

  • JOINERS:                        Gibaults to join pipes with differing diameters, WANG vari-gibs.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.



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