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Products : Foundry Products


Foundry Products:


Derwent Industries manufactures water pipe fittings & industrial castings at our Derwent Park facility.


Materials manufactured include the following;


q       Cast Iron all grades to AS1830/1

q       Ductile Iron grades 500/7 and 400/12

q       Ni-resist irons for corrosion, heat, and wear resistance

q       Steel Grades - Full HeatTreatment facilities available
(For full details on steel grades available please contact Derwent directly)

q       Aluminium- all sand cast grades

q       Brass- all sand cast grades

q       Bronze-all sand cast grades

q       Irrigation Fittings and Water & Waste Water Fittings


On site metallurgical control is carried out on each metal batch for ferrous metals.


Patternmaking services are available on site.


Derwent Industries are a quality assured company to ISO 9001


For additional information on Derwent Industries please use the navigation menu or contact us directly.


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